REPRINT   from Daily Olympian Letters to the Editor, May 29, 2012


Carefully weigh candidates for state Court of Appeals

The roster of candidates for judge in the state Court of Appeals District II is now complete, and it is packed with six runners.

With so many candidates, we really need to do our homework.

Judges in a high appellate court are there to hear cases so complex that they had to be appealed; thus, they must be our best legal minds with the broadest experience in the pracitice of law.

They, unlike legislative representatives, must not favor any organization or mind-set over another, regardless of their personal values. Instead, they have the hardest job of all, and that is to know the law and not to be swayed by outside interests or popularity contests.

When you cast your votes in the critical August primary, remember that our Constitution wisely divided the powers of our land, so that each branch could most effectively serve its pupose.