(Reprint from Letters to the Editor  The Olympian)

It’s an election year and the top of the ballot is getting a lot of attention, but the Court of appeals election is an important race.

If you ever need justice from the Court of Appeals, you will want a judge who is fair-minded and has broad, real-life experience. You will want Thomas Bjorgen to hear your appeal.

Here is what former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge¬†has to say: “Thomas Bjorgen understands the law, and he understands how it affects people in their real lives. Thomas will be an outstanding judge.”

Here’s what Tom has to say, “I will decide cases based on the facts and the law, and apply the law fairly and equally for everyone, regardless of who you are, whom you know, or how much money you have. Judges must be above politics or special interests.”

Here’ what I have to say: Thomas Bjorgen for Court of Appeals!

–Mike Coday