(Reprint of Letter to the Editor, the Olympian, June 25 )

I urge voters to consider Tom Bjorgen as judge for the Court of Appeals.

He has more than 30 years of legal experience, including Washington Assistant Attorney General, Thurston County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and Hearings Examiner for Thurston County and the cities of Olympia and Du Pont.

With all of this experience Tom has always been willing to help others understand legal issues. I  have seen Tom present complicated legal presentations to local county officials and he was always balanced and fair in his comments. He was open-minded and thoughtful and always made a complicated issue understandable.

For many voters, judge for Court of Appeals is an obscure position on the ballot that gets very little attention in campaigns and it is difficult for voters to know much about the candidates. Tom Bjorgen believes that, in his words, “Judges must have the compassion to understand how the law touches people’s lives outside the courtroom and the discipline and courage to make hard decisions. Judges, also, must exercise proper judicial restraint and not strike down laws simply because they may disagree with them. Above all, judges must keep in mind that all deserve justice; and that justice is not justice if depends on who you are, who you know, the size of your bank account or the weight of your influence.”

I urge you to vote Tom Bjorgen for judge for the Court of Appeals.

–Bill Vogler