What many may not know is that unlike most other candidates for public office, candidates for judgeships face numerous evaluations by professional legal organizations. Not all candidates participate, which is a shame, because for those of us in the voting public, it is often very difficult to decide who is really¬† qualified for these high offices. When voting this year in the judicial races, you might want to consider checking candidates’ websites to see how they are rated by others in their profession and other civic organizations.

These evaluations require the filling out of long, rigorous forms about an attorney’s professional credentials, and, more importantly, his/her history in the practice of the law. This process is followed by an in-depth interview and question and answer period by a select committee from the evaluating organization.

After this process, a rating is given to the candidate,¬† and we are proud to announce that this past week, Thomas received the rating of “Exceptionally Well Qualified” from the Washington Women Lawyers. He has also received the rating of AV Preeminant from the national attorney rating service, Martindale Hubble, and every organization that has evaluated Thomas for this 2012 race has rated him as either “Well Qualified” or ” Exceptionally Well Qualified,” and you can’t do better than “exceptionally well qualified.”

Thomas Bjorgen is one of those people who has quietly served his community for years, doing the hard work of protecting our laws and rights, and now, like a bright star, he has stepped forward and offers his gifts to us. Study him. He’s the perfect candidate for the State Court of Appeals.