BJORGEN SCORES WITH Justice for Washington Foundation

Tom Bjorgen received the highest score from the Justice for Washington Foundation in this year’s race, “Well -Qualified.” The value of this rating cannot be stressed enough because it is  bipartisan, and is based on a very thorough review. Each candidate must fill out extensive forms on his/her educational and professional background, right down to specific cases in some instances, as well as appear before a committee of BOTH major political parties, representing the membership of Justice for Washington Foundation.

When the process of this evaluation was complete, Tom was joined in his exemplary rating by Loginsky and Lynch, while some candidates were judged as “unqualified.”

With such a range, you, the voters, need to know who of  those running for our  courts are the best qualified based on the many criteria for knowledge and  application of the law at it’s highest level. We hope you will visit to see the complete lists for all of the judicial ratings. 

“The Justice for Washington Foundation is a non-profit organization with leaders from both major political parties. The Foundation is committed to defending the Washington State Constitution, promoting a better understanding of the content and history of the state constitution, and providing objective information about appellate level judicial candidates,” quote from website,