“Bjorgen will win you over”

A letter about Thomas was just published in the Olympian.

Bjorgen will win you over for appeals court

ZACH SMITH | Olympia • Published October 13, 2012

With so many candidates and issues on the ballot being mailed out on Wednesday, it is easy to see why so many voters get to the judicial section of the ballot, and have difficulty deciding who to vote for.

More than any other branch of government, the court serves as the stewards of our constitution. They are responsible for protecting our freedoms of speech, religion, and the due process of law.

Tom Bjorgen has demonstrated his ability to protect these principles as an assistant attorney general. I enthusiastically support Tom Bjorgen for the Court of Appeals because of his dedication, intellect, and character. If you are still undecided about Tom, go to his website at bjorgenforjudge. com, I know he will win you over.

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