“Broad experience, personal skills and dedication”

Yet another letter about Thomas Bjorgen in the Olympian.

Tom Bjorgen gave IT capable advice

TOM FENDER | Tumwater • Published October 21, 2012

Tom Bjorgen is my recommendation for the Court of Appeals Division 2. As a fellow lawyer, I served on the Intercity Transit Authority to which Bjorgen was legal counsel. I found Bjorgen consistently offering the board capable advice based on his broad experience, personal skills and dedication to the legal profession.

I believe that the depth of Bjorgen’s career will provide the court a valuable member; one fully capable of understanding the issues before them.

See the letter here.

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“Who sits on Appellate Courts matters”

Here is another letter about Thomas Bjorgen, this time in the Peninsula Daily News.

Support Tom Bjorgen for Appeals Court Judge

Bear in mind that all legal cases appealed to the Appellate Court have to be heard by this Court, where as the Supreme Court can pick the cases it wants to hear. This means that Appellate Court decisions stand in most cases and are cited in future legal briefs as “case law.” This is why who sits on Appellate Courts matters.

The Olympic Peninsula has an outstanding candidate for retiring Judge David Armstrong’s seat on this Court. Tom Bjorgen. In addition to Judge Armstrong’s endorsement, Bjorgen is endorsed by many judges, including former Chief Justices of the state Supreme Court, Gerry Alexander and Robert Utter.

Bjorgen has been awarded several of the highest attorney ratings by legal organizations. Martindale Hubbell, the leading national attorney rating service, awarded him its highest rating, AV Preeminent. The Washington Women Lawyers rated him as Exceptionally Well Qualified for this position, its top rating. He also won the preference poll of the Kitsap Bar Association for this race.

What importantly sets Bjorgen apart from his opponent, solely a criminal prosecuting attorney, an expertise already well represented on this court, is his broad civil legal expertise — almost half the cases heard before this court — covering land use and the environment, service as a WA State government attorney representing the public’s interest, as a private attorney representing individuals facing government action, and as a Hearings Examiner and Mediator.

For a complete listing of endorsements and more information, go to: http://www.BjorgenforJudge.com

Darlene Schanfald
Sequim WA

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Tom, his wife, Fay, and his entire 10 person committee THANK YOU for your support. It’s been an incredible experience from the decision by Tom in January to run, through phone calls, endorsements, signs, countless miles of driving for Tom to speak to people all over the six county range of his district, sign waving, leafletting… all the way to today, a day of coffee by the fire and time to just breathe and read the paper.




Bjorgen for Judge

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Winner of Kitsap Bar Association Poll

Attorneys usually have good insight into what makes a good judge. Thomas Bjorgen finished first in the Kitsap County Bar Association poll, the only preference poll of attorneys conducted for this race.

Outgoing Appeals Court Judge endorses Thomas Bjorgen

Judge David H. Armstrong, who is retiring from the Division II Court of Appeals, explains why he endorses Thomas Bjorgen to replace him on the bench:

“I have endorsed Tom Bjorgen to replace me on Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals. Tom has demonstrated that he has the legal ability to serve as an appellate court judge. He has briefed and argued cases before our court and the Washington State Supreme Court. His work has been of the highest quality. More importantly, Tom has the broad experience essential to being an effective judge on our court. He has served as an assistant attorney general, deputy prosecuting attorney, and a hearing examiner. Tom has also taught land use law at the University of Washington and worked in private practice for a number of years.

“Almost half the cases we hear are civil cases, ranging from family law, probate disputes, property disputes including land use issues, personal injury claims, and a variety of appeals from some sort of governmental agency decision. The civil cases we hear tend to be more complex than most of our criminal cases. Tom’s broad civil experience, particularly his expertise in land use issues, will serve the court well. Tom’s experience as both a government attorney, representing the public’s interest, and a private attorney, representing individuals facing government action, will serve the public well. In conclusion, I will vote for Tom because he will bring the balance and expertise the public should expect from an appellate court judge.”

Judge Armstrong’s letter was published in the Kitsap Sun.

Endorsed by the Kitsap Sun!

The Kitsap Sun wrote an excellent news article, discussing the qualifications and background of both candidates for Court of Appeals judge. Read it here.

Then the editors thought about who would be best for this seat, and they endorsed Thomas Bjorgen, “based on a more diverse background as an attorney.” Read the entire endorsement here.

“Bjorgen will win you over”

A letter about Thomas was just published in the Olympian.

Bjorgen will win you over for appeals court

ZACH SMITH | Olympia • Published October 13, 2012

With so many candidates and issues on the ballot being mailed out on Wednesday, it is easy to see why so many voters get to the judicial section of the ballot, and have difficulty deciding who to vote for.

More than any other branch of government, the court serves as the stewards of our constitution. They are responsible for protecting our freedoms of speech, religion, and the due process of law.

Tom Bjorgen has demonstrated his ability to protect these principles as an assistant attorney general. I enthusiastically support Tom Bjorgen for the Court of Appeals because of his dedication, intellect, and character. If you are still undecided about Tom, go to his website at bjorgenforjudge. com, I know he will win you over.

Read it here.


Hear directly from Thomas, in this video voter guide:


Tom greeting Marilyn and Charlie Roe at Fundraiser

Great food and spirits at  Waterstreet Cafe prefaced an eloquent speech from Tom.

About fifty people joined to celebrate and support his run for the State Court of Appeals, and they rose to their feet as he spoke of justice for all–no matter their politics, their pocket books, or their place in society.

Tom lives what he says, and has for over 30 years practiced these beliefs as he served as a Deputy Prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General, argued cases before the State Supreme Court, and wrote briefs in three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He continues to put his commitment for justice for all into practice, serving the community as a private attorney, Hearings Examiner, and General Counsel for Intercity Transit.

Ballots will be in the mail soon and we ask for your VOTE. Remember, BJorgen…or B.J. for Best Judge.


“I have known Tom professionally for 25 years, as a colleague, friend, and hearing examiner in cases I have litigated. He is scrupulously fair, thoughtful, knowledgeable, careful and unerringly respectful of all parties. He would make a stellar appellate judge.” –Barnett  Kalikow