Tom greeting Marilyn and Charlie Roe at Fundraiser

Great food and spirits at  Waterstreet Cafe prefaced an eloquent speech from Tom.

About fifty people joined to celebrate and support his run for the State Court of Appeals, and they rose to their feet as he spoke of justice for all–no matter their politics, their pocket books, or their place in society.

Tom lives what he says, and has for over 30 years practiced these beliefs as he served as a Deputy Prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General, argued cases before the State Supreme Court, and wrote briefs in three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He continues to put his commitment for justice for all into practice, serving the community as a private attorney, Hearings Examiner, and General Counsel for Intercity Transit.

Ballots will be in the mail soon and we ask for your VOTE. Remember, BJorgen…or B.J. for Best Judge.