Outgoing Appeals Court Judge endorses Thomas Bjorgen

Judge David H. Armstrong, who is retiring from the Division II Court of Appeals, explains why he endorses Thomas Bjorgen to replace him on the bench:

“I have endorsed Tom Bjorgen to replace me on Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals. Tom has demonstrated that he has the legal ability to serve as an appellate court judge. He has briefed and argued cases before our court and the Washington State Supreme Court. His work has been of the highest quality. More importantly, Tom has the broad experience essential to being an effective judge on our court. He has served as an assistant attorney general, deputy prosecuting attorney, and a hearing examiner. Tom has also taught land use law at the University of Washington and worked in private practice for a number of years.

“Almost half the cases we hear are civil cases, ranging from family law, probate disputes, property disputes including land use issues, personal injury claims, and a variety of appeals from some sort of governmental agency decision. The civil cases we hear tend to be more complex than most of our criminal cases. Tom’s broad civil experience, particularly his expertise in land use issues, will serve the court well. Tom’s experience as both a government attorney, representing the public’s interest, and a private attorney, representing individuals facing government action, will serve the public well. In conclusion, I will vote for Tom because he will bring the balance and expertise the public should expect from an appellate court judge.”

Judge Armstrong’s letter was published in the Kitsap Sun.